UNFCCC Stakeholder Briefing Series

Project Overview

Welcome to the Australian Government's United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Stakeholder Briefing Series, where you can register to join online events to learn more about Australia's engagement in climate negotiations at annual UNFCCC meetings and our involvement in the COP Action Agenda.

Stakeholder briefings are held online via Microsoft Teams. The meeting link is sent to registered attendees via the Engagement Hub. To attend a briefing, click on the relevant meeting under 'Upcoming Briefings', go to the Event Details page and select 'Yes, I'm attending' in the RSVP section.

Please note:

- Briefings are for background and informational purposes only. We also welcome technical questions about UNFCCC negotiations and Australia’s approach. 

- Information provided cannot be used for attribution, in any form, to the Secretary or the Department. For questions ‘on the record’, please contact the DCCEEW media team at mediateam@dcceew.gov.au.

- Meetings will not be recorded.