Learn about COP and the UNFCCC

Do you want to learn about – or contribute to – international climate change efforts at the United Nations? The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (the UNFCCC) has created a wealth of resources designed to build knowledge and capacity, with options for everyone from newcomers to experts. Please note, the Australian Government does not endorse the following content. 

New to the UNFCCC and COP? 

The UNFCCC has created a series of explainers for people new to the process. Topics include: 

To explore it all, go to the UNFCCC homepage and click on ‘Process and meetings’. 

Learning & resources

The United Nations provides a host of free products ranging from introductory explainers to in-depth modules and podcasts exploring specific negotiating issues. The UN Climate Change online course catalogue also has a wealth of free information for all stages of participant. 

For those new to the UNFCCC, some options to start with include: 

  • Climate Change: From learning to action [here]
  • A participant guide of the UN climate change process [here]
  • Capacity-building e-Learning portal [here]

For people seeking specialist or deeper information, some helpful starters include: 

  • UN resources focusing on SDG 13: Climate Action. Includes training, podcasts, resource documents and more [here]
  • UN Climate Change online course catalogue [here]

Contributing to the UNFCCC process 

Throughout the year, the UNFCCC invites submissions on various climate matters through the submission portal. Many of these are open to observers and other stakeholders, providing an opportunity for non-Party groups to contribute to global climate discussions. You can also view previous submissions via the portal, including all of Australia’s submissions. 

To search for current submission opportunities, it is recommended you clear the tags and then select ‘Type: Submission’ and fill in the relevant year in the top fields. Then enter ‘Observer’ in the search field. It is worth checking the UNFCCC submission portal regularly for new input opportunities. 

Find the full calendar of UNFCCC meetings and events here.